Holter monitoring test

Holter Monitor

A holter monito is a battery operated small, light unit that records your heart activity continuously for either 24, 48 or 72 hours as ordered by your doctor. Your doctor will order a holter monitor test for the following possible indications;

To investigate cardiac arrhythmias
To confirm or rule out an irregular heart beats
To evaluate the function of a pacemaker
To evaluate effectiveness of some heart medications that you are on.
Assess your heart rate and rhythm during your regular daily activities
To investigate a cause of fainting or dizziness
Part of stroke assessment

What to expect before your test?

Please wear comfortable clothing such as a front buttoning blouse or shirt that gives easy access to your chest on the day of the test.
Avoid wearing a dress, full slip, corset or pantyhose
Please do not wear jewelry or perfume on the day of your test.

What to expect during the test?

Please allow 30mins for your test.
If you are allergic to tape, please mention that to the technologist .

After a routine ECG, or technologist will attach the electrodes to your chest with wires that lead to the holter monitor test. The holter monitor is the size of a small cell phone and fits at your waist under your cloths.


What to expect after the hook up of the holter monitor?

You cannot shower or bath.
Please do not sleep under an electrical blanket, as the monitor may pick up electrical interference.

Frequently asked questions:

  Holter Monitor

What does the holter monitor do?

It monitor you heart rate and rhythm over a period of time during your daily activities.


What if I cannot wear the monitor for the full duration?

It is best to wear the monitor for the entire duration but it can be removed up to two hours earlier (only if needed). Early removal of the device may impact the results and the final analysis.


Would the device give me any symptoms?

No. as this is only a recording device, and should not give you any symptoms.

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