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The section of question and answer, Dr. Arrazaghi has intended only to answer questions of his own patients. More so to his patients that he has seen previously in consultations, or subsequent followups
The question and answer section should not replace an actual interview with Dr. Arrazaghi for ongoing management, and hence Dr. Arrazaghi insist if you have a new symptoms, or worsening symptoms it is important for you to book urgent followup with him to be seen in person. Additionally, he will encourage you very much if you have worsened symptoms (associated with hemodynamic instability, drop blood pressure, lightheadedness, ongoing chest pain) to seek the closest emergency advice by calling 911, and in such instances you should not wait for elective appointments in his office.
By signing to this website and been enrolled into the question and answer section you give the full right to Dr. Arrazaghi to review your written detailed question and to provide you with an answer through your own personal e-mail address that you have to write down with the question asked.
The answers back to you from Dr. Arrazaghi will not be transferred or redirected to any third party at any time.
The question and answers will be archived for storage and future references.
Again, Dr. Arrazaghi stresses the point that his answers will be only to the detailed written question, and if he thinks that to answer a particular question he need
to see you in person he will request that from you through his e-mail answer.
Given the load of questions asked Dr. Arrazaghi will do his best to get back to you with a written answer within 48 to 72 hours.
It is very crucial to write your name with the right spelling and in some occasions it is important to you to list your current medication names/doses.
If you have an emergency please contact (911) for assistance.

Abdulwahab Arrazaghi, M.D., D.A.B.I.M., F.R.C.P.C.
(Specialist of Internal Medicine and Cardiovascular Diseases)
University of Toronto, Canada

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