Prepared By:Hamza Khandiya

Revised by:
Dr.A.Arrazaghi.MBBCH,FDABIM,FRCPC, Specialist of internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases, university of Toronto

What is Cocaine?
Cocaine is a stimulant drug that comes from the leaves of coca plants and is used in a white powder form. This substance is considered to be a schedule two drug because of its many dangers. This drug is also illegal due to the fact that that it is highly addictive and is often found to be abused by its users as an individual can become dependent on the drug after one dose

What ar e the side effects of Cocaine?
Cocaine can causeboth short term and long term psychology and physical side effects. Some short termeffects of cocaine use include; mentally alert, euphoric, garrulous, and energetic.
Depending on the individual, these effects can either occur after one dose, or a few. Long term effects include;restlessness, insomnia, Anxiety, Paranoid, lethargy, muscle twitches, tremors, and vertigo. To tackle these problems users often resort back to the drug.

How is usage of Cocaine and your heart related?
The use and abuse of cocaine can cause many problems to the heart. Issues with the heart may begin with constricted blood vessels and irregular heart beat. More serious problems include; Myocardits, dilated cardiomyopathy, vascular thrombosis,pulmonary edema, and endocardits. These diseases are both serious and life threatening.

How are these problems treated?

Arrhythmia: Arrhythmia is a condition of having an irregular heartbeat. Treatments used to cure Arrhythmia depend on the seriousness of the problem. An individual with the condition may be given prescription medicines or may require surgical procedures. Healthy life style changes are also stressed to all patients.

Myocardits: A proven and effective method for Myocardits has not yet been discovered and is currently incurable.

Dilated Cardiomyopathy:The goal of the treatment for this disease is to decrease the substance in the blood stream and the heart. Medications are given to achieve the goal of the treatment. Life style changes are also required.

Vascular Thrombosis:Treatments for Vascular Thrombosis are providedimmediatelyafter the patient is diagnosed with the condition. To treat the patient, anticoagulant medicines are given. There are two types of anticoagulant medications; warfarin and heparin. Thrombolytic therapy might be required depending on the situation.

Pulmonary edema:Pulmonary edema is treated immediately at hospitals. After the treatment, diuretics may be given to get rid of the extra fluids in the lungs. Other medications may also be prescribed to strengthen the heart.

Endocardits:To destroy the infection in the heart lining, antibiotics are given at a hospital. The antibiotics are given for a period of about four to eight weeks. If the infection in the heart lining continues to create damage or the condition has become too serious for antibiotics, surgery is required.

Are there any other diseases Cocaine can cause?
Other disease Cocaine can cause is Rhinorrhea (nose), Bruxism (teeth), Pruritus (skin), Hemoptysis (lungs), Bronchospasm (lungs), Dyspnea (lungs), Eosinophilia (lungs), Chest pain, and Asthma.

How can this be prevented?
Using cocaine can cause many dangerous health problems that can lead to death. Also it can cause heavy damage to your heart in various different ways. The only solution to prevent from this happening is, to not take the drug Cocaine. Not only that, do not be peer pressured into doing it. Since the use of cocaine can have multiple consequences sometimes the best of wish is DEATH.