Childrens Health

Teenage Pregnancy in Canada

Saad Pervez
(Honours Bachelor of Science: Double Major in Neuroscience and Integrative Biology)
University of Toronto, Canada

Revised by:
Dr.A.Arrazaghi.MBBCH,FDABIM,FRCPC, Specialist of internal medicine and cardiovascular diseases, university of Toronto

Teenage Pregnancy in Canada
Trends in teenage pregnancy rates are of interest to educators, health care providers, researchers for a variety of reasons including the connection between socio-economic factors and the incidence of teenage pregnancy.In terms of teen pregnancy rates as indicators of teenager sexual and reproductive health, it is assumed that a majority of teenage pregnancies are unintended and that such trends therefore reflect the extent to which young women have the capacity to control their sexual and reproductive health. It is likely that declining trends in teen pregnancy rates may reflect increasing levels of effective contraceptive use, greater access to reproductive health services, exposure to higher quality sexual health education, and etc..

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