Dear Dr. Arrazaghi,

Allow me to express my admiration and gratitude to you throughout the following lines:                                               


Really, it is not that easy to find expressive words that hold my appreciation to you my dear Doctor. I had the honour of getting to know you throughout the last six months, which I had the opportunity of working with you as a colleague, (a Physician assistant). I consider myself very lucky as I have learnt a lot from you, and your long and precious experience. In fact, you have been very cooperative and generous in your invaluable gaudiness and support. Then, my appreciation increased when I became one of your patients. You have shown your kindness, love and nobility. Moreover, I have noticed your modesty and loyalty to both; your colleagues and patients. Again, how can I express my gratitude within just few lines and you are the one who saved the lives of more than hundreds of patients! Whom you have been the trustee advisor, the secrete keeper a nd the medical rights protector!


All that can I say in this occasion, May God protects you and bestows you with much inspiration and science to save and protect humanity.   


Dr . Ali Jassim Mohammad  ,     
Toronto, Canada.May.2010